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Belgium Tower Partners is a telecommunications infrastructure company with a portfolio of more than 3,320+ sites across Belgium. Our high-quality telecom tower portfolio is strategically located to offer maximum coverage for all your technological needs including broadband, point-to-point connections or mobile communications.

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Nation wide coverage




coverage in 581 municipalities

Telecom towers and Macro sites

We build, manage and lease a broad portfolio of Telecom towers and macro sites across Belgium.

Our services
We lease existing Telecom tower portfolio and build new tower sites.

Mobile tower

As network demand continues to grow, we build and acquire new sites to increase our portfolio’s capacity and coverage for co-location and to meet operators expansion and densification requirements


Leasing sites in our current portfolio


Building new custom towers under a build-to-suit program


Acquiring or buy existing towers or sites

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Our portfolio

Our tower portfolio offers optimal locations, services, and scale across Belgium.

We deliver coverage and capacity across both urban and rural portfolios in Belgium. Through our multi-tenant, leasing model we can offer you the ability to connect your most important network coverage locations with ease.


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DigitalBridge Establishes Belgium Tower Partners

Creates First Independent TowerCo in Belgium with Attractive Market Dynamics   Boca Raton, FL – June 1, 2022 –  DigitalBridge Group, Inc. (NYSE:DBRG) today announced that an affiliate, DigitalBridge Investments, … Continued

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